The Group was born in 1992. Group of college students,
will it take a form of inspiration Zeuhl fast enough!
After the disappearance of the group in 1998,
Athanor reborn in 2008 for the release of "Vulv'air" !
The deep inspiration is Magma, Weidorje, Present and universe Zero.
This is overlap (for the second album and more!) the free improvisation
and contemporary-electro-acoustic, Rock in opposition and other music...
Sometimes sulphur mixture, severe, dark and sometimes angelic...
For a detailed of the musicians biography and other follow the link.

Archive 1996 - Première version de La Terre n'attend pas avec Alexis Krentner (gui.),
Hugue Neumeyer (ba.), Jérémie Tisseyere (clav.) et Cédric Marcucci (bat.) :

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Vos cités sont des tombeaux

Finally! With the help of the Toulouse asso "Les 39 Marches" ,
the album is released !

After "Vulv'air", Athanor returns with a darker, more instinctive music;
Influenced as much by the Zeuhl (Magma, Univers Zero, ... ) by contemporary music
and the movement Rock in opposition of "Henry Cow" and "Art Bears".
Mixture of composition, improvisation and sound editing.
19 tracks make up the album about 1 hour.

With the participation of:

Akiko Kamada-Cantereau: Translation french-japonese
Cédric Marcucci: Drums, percussions, basse, guitare, piano, rhodes,
keyboard-synthétiseur, accordéon
Christophe Ayadi: Sax Tenor
Clémentine Poitrenaud: Violin
Emmanuelle Larmet: Banjo
Fabienne Gay: Voice, Violin et cello
Henri Herteman: Piano
Ingrid Obled: Double-basse
Jao Remsso: Guitare
Kiyono Moss: Voice
Laurent Rochelle: Clarinette, clarinette basse et sax soprano
Loïc Fanning: Violin
Masako Ishimura: Voice
Natacha Brouat: Voice
Sarah Gali: Flute
Sylke Rotzoll: Cello

Listening some tracks:

1. Vos cités sont des tombeaux - 4,48 mn
2. Poseïdon - 3,54 mn
3. Amour - 1,29 mn
4. En désespoir de cause - 2,21 mn
5. Mr Drinkenness - 3,26 mn
6. Flux et reflux - 2,26 mn
7. Les Nornes - 6,14 mn
8. Le bocal - 1,20 mn
9. Télé-Vision - 2,18 mn
10. La terre n'attend pas (Version 3) - 6,21 mn
11. Vapeurs (de Mr Drinkenness) - 1,04 mn
12. ほち(Une ville) - 3,13 mn
13. Irréversible - 4,52 mn
14. Val neuf - 1,32 mn
15. Neocron - 2.05 mn
16. Lynch - 2.08 mn
17. De cause à effet - 3,15 mn
18. Nature morte - 2,10 mn
19. Marche vers... - 6,17 mn

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Cover in a three-pronged paper bag recycled
Duration: 60mn / 19 titles
Price: 5€ (To France)

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--Souffle Continu - disquaire à Paris 20-22 rue Gerbier, tél: 01 40 24 17 21
--Wayside Music (USA)
--Les allumés du Jazz
-- "ARS"2 - Poland
--Croc Viny - disquaire à Toulouse, 12 rue des lois, tél: 05 61 23 79 90
--Mélodie Musique - disquaire à St Girons - 09

Passages Radio:
--Dans l'émission Emergency Circus sur la radio Californienne KPFA, le 14 Avril 2013.

--Radio radio de Toulouse 106.8 Fm, pour l'émission Vraiment autre chose, dédiée au progressif,
Zeuhl et autres. Du 18 Avril 2013.
Podcast de l'émission

--Athanor, "Vos cités sont des tombeaux" en fil musical de l'émission Divergence Numérique
du 18 Avril 2013, sur Divergence FM 93.9, de Montpellier.

--Radio La Locale de St Girons 09 le "1 Avril 2013", to talk to label and to release of album !


This album is a "flattening" of compositions inspired by Magma, Present, universe Zero...
Hypnotic and haunting rhythms are to go with a minimalist (Weidorje).
Unfortunately (?), it is entirely in computer music...
a 'live' recording means were absent at the time.
So, it was in some way a "archive" promising, not devoid of interest!

La terre n attend pas:
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